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Monday, May 01, 2006

Restaurants Coroico

  1. Backstube Backery - Best breakfast in town. And, we will be treating you to a nice brunch here on Sunday morning (if you can get yourself up and down to town). Our pal, Detlev, is the owner, so ask him for anything you need. Beautiful place to relax, read the paper (if you can actually find a newspaper in Coroico).
  2. El Cafetal - Best Food in town. French/Indu Cuisine, probably better than anything you will find anywhere else in Bolivia. Service can sometimes be slow. To get here , head towards the hospital.

  1. Villa Bonita - Best Ice Cream and Deserts in town. Also, combo - India/Italia/Thailand/Suisse food. Owners - Ninfa and Gianni Pedetti. Cel - 719-22917
  2. La Casa - Fondu, Gulash, German food. - Tel: 213-6024


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